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Induction and Training Support

Having now recruited a student or graduate, it is important to take the time to provide a robust induction. This can help to both integrate your new employee into your team and assist them in the challenges of moving from study to work.

It is recommended that you establish an induction plan which features pre-arranged meetings during the first two weeks of work for the employee to meet with key people they will be working alongside; this will help them to quickly get to know team members and their roles.

It might also be useful to arrange a ‘mentor’ for your new employee. This will be someone experienced from the team who is not the new employee’s direct line manager.  The role of the mentor is to provide guidance and support the new employee’s growth and career development, offering support and encouragement as the mentee progresses.


What Should You Include in an Induction Process?

  • An introduction to your company, history, products and services, culture and values
  • How your company is structured (names, photos and job titles if possible)
  • A brief face to face introduction to the senior members of the company and the people the intern will work with regularly
  • A tour of your facilities, including work areas, recommendations for places to eat, fire exits and toilets
  • Advise and guidance on how they can contribute by working remotely, whether you will have any monitoring in place for remote workers and information on how that will apply to them
  • Health and safety information (this is a legal requirement)
  • An outline of what data you will wish to process concerning them, as required by data protection law
  • A clear outline of the job/role requirements including short- and long-term objectives

Source: CIPD A guide for employers: Internships that work (2022)


Policies You May Want to Provide Include:

  • Health and Safety at work - NB. This is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Equal opportunities
  • Intellectual Property
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • Employee Handbook - including policies and procedures related to sickness, disciplinary action etc.
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Induction Checklists

To help you plan for a smooth induction process, we have developed a sample induction checklist, which you can adapt based on your role. If you are offering a work experience, there is an additional checklist with some work experience specific items.

Induction Checklist for Employers