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Provost Posts


The fourth annual Academic Recruitment Campaign is about to start building on the success of the previous three campaigns and fulfilling our main objectives - to bring world-leading talent to Durham and to diversify our staff. So far we have advertised 315 roles and received over 11,500 applications from candidates based in 128 different countries. The hard work of our Search Committees and Recruitment Panels has ensured that the standard of hires is extremely high.

Recruitment of BAME candidates has seen a significant increase over the course of the campaigns with the number of applications increasing by 50% and the number of offers increasing from 18% to 31%. The number of female candidates and the number of offers made has also increased across the campaigns. Of particular note is Science which has increased female offers from 20% to 33% and Arts & Humanities who have more than doubled their female offers. We will continue to work hard with Departments to realise further improvements in the forthcoming campaign.

Senior leadership

As the University Strategy matures into its 4th year of delivery, the composition of the senior leadership has been refreshed to keep pace with the increasing workload.

UEC has been increased in size to include the Directors of HR, Strategy Delivery and Estates and Buildings, thereby providing more strength and depth.

In addition, there are two new Boards that will report directly to UEC:

  • A new Provost's Board which is responsible for delivery of the University's core academic mission of research and education, reporting to UEC and Senate. I chair this board which comprises our lead academic colleagues including the Vice-Provosts for Research and Education, each of our new Faculty Executive Deans, the Deputy Provost and a student representative
  • A new Operations Board focuses on the delivery of our Strategy in relation to infrastructure and related services - areas which continue apace, not least the many ongoing construction projects around campus. Chaired initially by the Vice-Chancellor it includes the Chief Information Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Director of Estates, PVCs Global and Colleges, two Faculty Executive Deans and a student representative

As we get underway with our new academic year, I am sure you will join me in welcoming the many new colleagues who will be joining us, including those who will be stepping into new roles. This includes our new Executive Deans who will lead provide academic leadership for each of our Faculties, taking forward the work undertaken by the previous Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellors but with an increased outwardly facing international focus.


We do not underestimate the challenges that we face in addressing long-standing problems relating to EDI, pay, senior leadership and University cultures. We are a large University with over 4000 employees and changing cultures, structures, pay and reward, as well as our behaviours cannot be done overnight. But I hope the above provides a positive update on the steps we are taking - and the impact they are having - and would welcome any feedback you may have on the steps we are taking or additional ideas for how we can work together to address these issues.

Best Wishes

Professor Antony Long, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost