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Act with Integrity

Students sat outside on a wall in Durham City

4.4.1 In order to uphold this commitment we will:

  1. Be honest and truthful.
  2. Conduct activities in line with appropriate policies, relevant legislation and statutory requirements.
  3. Declare interests and appropriately manage possible conflicts.
  4. Safeguard the University's assets, physical and intellectual, including information and confidential discussions.
  5. Be transparent, fair and consistent in decision-making.
  6. Be accountable for University activities, stewardship of public funds and the extent to which key performance targets and objectives have been met.
  7. Maintain independence in engaging with outside parties.
  8. Provide a safe environment for work and study.
  9. Promote a sense of personal responsibility to raise matters of concern appropriately.

4.4.2 Associated policies and procedures (some are only available internally):

  1. Conflicts of Interest and Personal Relationships at Work
  2. Data Protection Policy (pdf)
  3. Admissions Policy
  4. Procurement Policy
  5. Anti-Bribery and Fraud Prevention Policy
  6. Gift Acceptance Policy
  7. Health and Safety Policy
  8. Public Interest Disclosure Policy (whistleblowing)