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Research and Educate Responsibly

A group of students around a desk with books and notepads

4.3.1 In order to uphold this commitment we will:

  1. Support and promote a scholarly community
  2. Strive for the highest standards of good personal, professional and academic conduct applicable to individual roles
  3. Uphold academic freedom to research and convey research findings
  4. Protect individual freedom of expression
  5. Provide support for students in both personal welfare and academic issues

4.3.2 Associated policies and procedures (some are only available internally):

  1. General Regulations
  2. Learning and Teaching Handbook
  3. Academic Progress
  4. Complaint Procedure for Students
  5. Student Behaviour in Appeals and Complaints
  6. Research Policies
  7. Freedom of Expression
  8. Fitness to Study Policy
  9. Lecture Capture Policy
  10. Mental Health Policy