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Information for Graduands

About the ceremony

  • The ceremonies are held in Durham Cathedral but are not religious events although Christian iconography is displayed inside the venue. The Cathedral provides a large and beautiful venue for the ceremonies with other, related, activities held in the surrounding area.
  • Students are required to arrive onsite at least 2 hours before the ceremony commences to allow time to be robed.
  • Students must report to the Great Hall in the Castle 1 hour and 15 mins prior to their ceremony. They must be robed and have passed on any guest tickets and bags to their guests.
  • The Graduands process across Palace Green (from the Castle to the Cathedral) approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony in the order they will be presented onstage.
  • Ceremonies last approximately an hour.
  • Ceremonies begin with the Staff Procession, followed by a welcome by the Cathedral Representative.
  • The Vice-Chancellor we provide a welcome address, before we begin the portion of the ceremony where the graduands names will be called to cross the stage.
  • Once all graduands have crossed the stage, the Presiding Officer will confer the degrees.
  • At this point an honorary degree may be awarded, and the Presiding Officer will then give the closing address.
  • The Staff Procession will leave, followed by the Graduate Procession and then the guests.