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Money in a jar

Durham's Diversity Pay Report 2022 is now available.

As a university, our staff are key to our success, and we are working hard to embed equality, diversity, and inclusion in everything we do. We recognise that pay diversity is a serious issue for us, as for the Higher Education Sector and society more broadly.

We are legally obliged to publish our gender pay gap information, but we choose to publish wider information on pay diversity including our ethnicity pay gap data and pay award distribution, along with our action plan.  This paper will cover Gender Pay as well as Disability and Intersectional Pay gaps.

We are reducing the pay gaps through a comprehensive action plan, approved and reviewed annually by the University Executive Committee, Remuneration Committee and University Council.

Links to information

2022 Pay diversity report: Diversity-Pay-Report-2022-FINAL.pdf ( 
Further information on Gender Equality at Durham: Gender Equality and Athena Swan - Durham University