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Who's Who

Professor Wendy Powers (she/her)


Principal of University College & Associate Vice Provost (Education)

As the College Principal, my role is all about student learning, engagement and success. I pledge to work with the dedicated student leaders of the JCR and MCR, the esteemed faculty/staff leaders of the SCR, the dedicated College staff and our cherished alumni and friends to cultivate a collegiate learning community in which each student can grow and flourish. Our Castle community is composed of members from far and wide, from privileged and marginalized backgrounds, and holding fast to a beautiful array of beliefs, values, abilities and identities. Together, we will explore, take risks, listen, laugh and cry, ask questions, make mistakes, and learn as we engage this stage of lifes journey with one another. It is my profound honour to lead, learn and grow with each of you!

Dr Ellen Crabtree (she/her) 


As part of the College Management Team at Castle, Ellen works closely to support the Principal with the strategic development of the College community including student enrichment and wider student opportunities. She works with student leaders to support the vital work of the common rooms, and oversees Student Support provision at the College, alongside the Assistant Principal and members of College Office.  

Dr David Lowther (he/him) 

Dr David Lowther

Assistant Principal

The Assistant Principal is responsible for all matters relating to student support and wellbeing including support for financial difficulties, and supports students with any academic, personal or other matters. 

David is also an Honorary Fellow in the Department of History.He is currently seconded part-time as the Respect Project Manager for the Student Support and Wellbeing Directorate until October 2021. 

Revd Dr Stephanie Burette (she/her)

Chaplain & Solway Fellow

The Chaplain leads in the provision of pastoral, spiritual and religious support to all members of the College community: all staff and students of all faiths and beliefs, and those with none.  Stephanie is involved in a wide range of activities in the college community, working closely with college staff and student leaders. In addition to the Ministerial and Pastoral responsibilities, Stephanie holds the Solway Fellowship, which was established in 1938 by Miss UM Davis in memory of the late J Roland Davis MA with the remit ‘to promote the study of Christianity generally, especially in the context of modern social conditions’. 


Julia Raszewska(she/her) 


Alumni & Development Manager 

The focus of Julia’s role is to build lasting and philanthropic relationships with University College’s alumni, friends and the broader Durham community. Julia is working very closely with the Principal and College Officers to ensure that alumni are informed about the College’s work and that, if they would wish, they feel empowered to make a tangible difference to our community. Generously funded by the University College Durham Trust, she will also assist with the Trust’s efforts to preserve and enhance the fabric of the College and to support University College students through bursaries, career advice and other activities which will enhance their University experience. Julia joined University College after several years at the University of London and Hatfield College, Durham University. 


Paula Furness (she/her)

Assistant Principal (part-time until October 2021); College Administration Co-ordinator

Paula has two roles: supporting the Assistant Principal with the College's pastoral and welfare provision to ensure that students obtain the most from their time at Durham  and serving as College Secretary to support the overall effective administration of the College. As first point of contact for many internal and external stakeholders of the College, the secretary is a central role and contributes to the smooth running of the College. 

Mike Wallbank (he/him) 

Mike Wallbank

Castle Operations Manager

Zoe Osborn (she/her)

Zoe Osborn

College Operations Team Leader

Operations are responsible for housekeeping and portering throughout College. We also help co-ordinate events and student bookings of event and meeting spaces once these begin to become available again. In the meantime we also co-ordinate Social Protection and will be happy to help with any queries or concerns in this regards, too. 

We have a fantastic team of housekeepers, porters and catering staff who do a brilliant job to support the college community and keep everyone safe.  

Jamie Short (he/him) 

Food and Beverage Service Manager

Jamie takes care of Catering, Bar, Cafe and Events; including private events, Balls etc.  If anyone has questions regarding these, or about special diets, employment on the Bar/Café or how we have made our Catering COVID safe, please get in touch. 

Gemma Lewis (she/her) 

Curator of Durham Castle and Museum of Archaeology

Gemma is responsible for Durham Castle Museum and involved with caring for and protecting of the historic fabric. She is also involved with public access to Durham Castle, the Durham Castle Tours, and some student events and activities.  


Linda Beighton (she/her)  

Student Support Administrator

Linda assists students who wish to see a member of the Student Support Team; she is also responsible for general queries within Admissions & Student support, and is the first point of contact for student support. 


Val Morland (she/her) 

College Administration Co-ordinator (part-time until October 2021) 

Val supports the College community with events, wider student experience and running of the busy College Office. 


Janet Kelly (she/her) 

College Receptionist 

Janet runs our Reception and Porters’ lodge for both students and commercial visitors. 


Susan Noble (she/her)

College Finance Officer 


Elaine Bedford (she/her) 

College Finance Assistant