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Principal's Welcome - Professor Tom Mole

Van Mildert College has a flourishing postgraduate community, and both taught and research postgraduate students play a vital role in the life of the College.  The Middle Common Room organises events aimed at postgrads and represents postgraduate students in the wider College.  Whether you live in college or elsewhere, you’ll be able to access our library, gym, music practice facilities and bar.  You can attend College Formal Dinners throughout the year, which are truly special and memorable occasions.  You’re welcome to join College clubs and societies, and to come along to events organised by both the Junior Common Room and the Senior Common Room.

Whether you’re in Durham for a one-year postgraduate course or you’re embarking on doctoral research, I hope you will feel at home here, because it’s only when we feel supported by our peers that we can do our most outstanding work.  Scholarship of all kinds takes place in community; at our best, Van Mildert is a place where everyone can feel known and valued.  I also hope Van Mildert will provide you with a space to think beyond your degree and become part of a broader intellectual community, where all of us learn and grow together.

Middle Common Room

The MCR at Van Mildert VMC MCR ChristmasCollege represents a diverse body of postgraduate students, some of whom are recent graduates of the College and others who are new to Durham as postgraduates. The primary aim of the MCR is to provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere for postgraduate students within the College.

If you are thinking of applying to Van Mildert College, do take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions which can be found here!

As a body of around 200 students, the MCR actively takes part in many college events as well as organising our own. Most recently, the MCR has been involved in weekend walks a trip to Roseberry Topping, several Inter-MCR Formals, regular Postgraduate Discussion Forums and numerous meals out in Durham. Aside from this, impromptu trips to the College Bar or to see a film in town make the MCR a lively community!

Whilst it is recognised that members of the MCR often lead hectic schedules unique to postgraduate study, we also believe that our interaction with both the JCR and the SCR is vitally important for our development. JCR Bops and Balls are regularly attended by members of the MCR and Formal Dinners are also a popular event. In addition, there is often a large number of postgraduates attending SCR events.

As with the JCR, some of the MCR live in College and some live out. Those who choose to live in the College live in the Deerness building and this encourages the formation of a strong MCR spirit within the College, which remains even when the JCR leave during vacations.

Whether you are considering joining Van Mildert as a PGCE, Masters or PhD student, the MCR will make sure you receive a very warm Mildert welcome! The MCR Committee and all current students look forward to meeting you.