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Engagement and Impact Case Studies

A selection of recent and ongoing impact generation projects that are underpinned by Computer Science research follow.

SAPIENT- Automated Surveillance

A standardised approach to AI and autonomy in networked multi-sensor systems for security and defence, adopted by UK and overseas governments.

Next Generation Airport Scanners

Novel algorithms for the next generation of airport security scanners.

Sensing for Driverless Cars

Our research informed the R&D at two leading European car manufacturers and supported the translation of road vehicle localisation technology into rail.


A citizen-science project established by researchers at Durham University to monitor the UK’s mammals.

Reducing the Ionising Radiation Exposure due to CT Scans

A collaborative project with University Hospital of North Durham to reduce the ionising radiation exposure of CT scans.

Intel OneAPI Academic Centre of Excellence (OneExaHyPE)

A collection of state-of-the-art numerical ingredients for solving hyperbolic equation systems.


A programme for training individuals from minority groups into tech careers.

The Virtual Physiotherapist

Co-creating with patients and clinicians a device to support a patient undertake physical therapy at home.
physio, virtual, at home


An interactive Augmented Reality content toolkit.
interactive, reality