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A collection of state-of-the-art numerical ingredients to solve hyperbolic equation systems.

ExaHyPE is an engine, i.e. a generic collection of state-of-the-art numerical ingredients (high-order time integration, high-order DG representations, block-structured Finite Volume methods, dynamically adaptive Cartesian meshes, task-based load-balancing, and so forth) to solve hyperbolic equation systems given in first-order formulation.

The engine allows users to define what (equations) they want to solve, and then it decides how to solve them, where and in which order. It also commits to a particular set of numerical techniques. This degree of freedom on the application domain side in combination with the methodological focus opens the door for various algorithmic optimisations, as all ingredients can be tightly integrated and are aggressively optimised towards each other. Codes using the engine are used to implement solvers simulating various phenomena ranging from gravitational waves to tsunamis and earthquakes.

The code is currently used by multiple companies to assess their software stack and upcoming hardware generations, and it is the backbone of multiple ExCALIBUR research projects in Computer Science.


Contact: Tobias Weinzierl

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