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Part time and Flexible working

The department is committed to supporting staff and students who wish to work part time or flexibly. Specifically all staff have the right to request a change in their working hours, that will be reviewed by their line manager. The University and the department are committed to ensuring that working part time does not disadvantage anyone in terms of their employment or progression.

University policy allows staff to apply for changes in their contracted hours, which will be considered on criteria including how your duties will be covered. It is possible to request a trial period of up to 3 months on changes in hours to ascertain from both sides whether the new arrangement is working.

It is also possible to apply for unpaid leave in order to take a block of time away from work.

Parental Leave

The University has moved to a policy of shared parental leave which allows both mothers and fathers access to enhanced leave.

The department is committed to facilitating parents to take the leave they are entitled to. Specifically it is recommended that you speak to your line manager or the Head of Department to make arrangements for your leave and your return to work. For example it is possible for returning parents to negotiate reductions in teaching load to compensate for lost research time during parental leave.

It is also possible to request that a change to your working hours on return from parental leave (or at any other time).

Conference Assistance
Some conferences now offer assistance with childcare costs so it is worth contacting organisers to find out.