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We are continually trying to improve our knowledge of EDI issues and are keen to share what we have learned. Below are some of the resources that we have used and created to help you become more informed. If there's anything you want to share or that you think that would be useful for us to share, contact one of the team.


Equity and Inclusion in the Chemical Sciences Requires Actions not Just Words J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142, 26, 11317 - 11318

Reasons undergraduate students majored in geology across six universities: The importance of gender and department J. Geosci. Educ. 2018, 66(4), 319 - 336


Value people as well as papers to improve research culture

Using science to stop sexual harassment in higher education

Huge peer-review study reveals lack of women and non-Westerners


Invisible Women


AdvanceGEO Partnership


Latest EDI bulletin (download printable poster here)


If you haven’t done so yet, please note that the University’s Inclusion Calendar is available to download in both PDF and Outlook formats. The calendar features key dates from various faiths, along with other awareness dates and observances commemorated in the UK. It is an essential tool for raising awareness of these important dates, and their potential impact on work or study. Staff and students can also use this calendar to bookmark dates and festivals to promote, get involved with or create an event. Never miss an important date again with our Inclusion Calendar.