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Thermal Energy

We offer expertise in Hydrogen Infrastructure, Smartcities, Energy Integration and Hydrogen Economy

We aim to 

  • embed thermal energy systems research at the heart of international efforts
  • tackle the challenge of achieving net-zero and address energy related causes of climate change

Areas of interest:

  • Liquid desiccant-based systems for cooling and humidity control. Integrated hubs for decarbonising heating, cooling and transport networks.
  • Solar, geothermal and industrial heat driven thermochemical power, cooling and heating systems. PV+ Thermal cell energy system integration.
  • High efficiency, fuel flexible (hydrogen & biofuels) CHP systems. Novel Oxy-Hydrogen closed power cycles. Long duration power and thermal energy storage systems. Integrated electrolyser and fuel cell systems.
  • Alternative hydrogen carriers and liquid fuels. Hydrogen infrastructure planning and optimisation. High temperature pyrolysis of waste for syngas and hydrogen production.
  • Energy system modelling and planning tools for net-zero industrial clusters

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