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Durham Geographers: Where Are They Now?

We have a long and proud history: our department was founded in 1928 by Gordon Manley and since then our alumni community has expanded to over 7000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Every now and then it is nice to reminisce, and to learn about that history, and your place in it. You can find graduation photos for every cohort since 1959, a range of fieldtrip photographs for you to pour over, information on staff who may have taught you, some profiles of alumni, and a personal 50-year retrospective of the Department in 2005 by one of our Emeritus Professors, John Clarke. We are also currently working on a history of the department which we will publish here also.

We are always adding to this site so please revisit regularly, and if you have other fieldtrip photographs, memories, or would like to contribute a profile then we would love to hear from you at