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Doctoral Funding

Funding for PhD studies in our program can come through different competitions both internal to Durham and among external funding bodies. Once you have found a supervisor, there are a number of potential funding opportunities, some of which depend on your citizenship status. In each case, we encourage you to be in touch with us well in advance of the official deadlines below for different schemes. This is for two reasons. First, we want to support your work by providing feedback that will support you as you sharpen your research proposal. Second, we recruit the very best postgraduate students, and this often means that we have internal deadlines to meet in order to make nominations to different funding schemes. 

During your studies, we offer paid opportunities in several different contexts: running tutorials, teaching, lab demonstrations, and on our domestic and international fieldtrips. Our doctoral students are also encouraged to pitch ideas to research clusters for workshop events, and to apply for conference and fieldwork funds during their studies. 

Launch of MSCA European Training Network ‘SOLiDi’ and PhD positions

Durham Geography is pleased to announce its involvement in the recently funded MSCA European Training Network “Solidarity in Diversity” (SOLiDi). The SOLiDi network, coordinated by Prof. Stijn Oosterlynck at the University of Antwerp, includes partners from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands, and Sweden, across 10 institutions and 23 partner organisations in civil society.

SOLiDi asks: under what conditions can solidarities across cultural boundaries be nurtured at a time of heightened instability for European democracies? Drawing together expertise from geography, sociology, education, social work, and political science, this network will train a group of early-stage researchers in the dynamics, challenges, and possibilities of solidarity in contemporary Europe. Durham Geography is represented by Dr Helen F. Wilson and Dr Jonathan Darling, who will supervise research, develop training for researching solidarity and diversity, and work with civil society groups to explore how solidarities are put into practice.  

A postgraduate research position as part of the network is now available based in Durham Geography. The three-year post will focus on ‘solidarities under strain’ and will examine how place-based solidarities, senses of identity, and forms of collectivity, are maintained and challenged in the turbulent politics of the present. Supervised by Dr Helen F. Wilson, the PhD will be based in the North East of England but will benefit from a range of training opportunities and events as part of the international network. The project is jointly supervised by Dr Thomas Wimark in the Department of Geography at Uppsala University, Sweden, where the postgraduate researcher will also undertake a short secondment as part of the training.

Interested? Details of the Durham post can be found here.

A further 14 PhD posts have been advertised as part of the 

SOLiDi network, details of which can be found here:

Closing date for all applications: 24th March 2021

For further information please contact: Dr Helen F. Wilson ( or Dr Jonathan Darling (