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Durham-Norway Connections Grow with the Exploring Arctic Soundscapes Project

The Exploring Arctic Soundscapes project was initiated by Durham’s Institute of Advanced Study in 2020 to explore how a focus on sound could build new transdisciplinary methodologies for researching and communicating the complexities of Arctic and marine environments.*
A woman plays the sympolin

COP28: Why 2 °C is too high for the polar ice sheets and sea level rise

On the 12 December 2015, 196 countries adopted the Paris Climate Agreement at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) is to limit the increase in global average temperature.
The Road to COP28

Offering oil and gas licences every year distracts from the challenge of winding down UK North Sea

Professor Gavin Bridge, from our Department of Geography, is joined by Gisa Weszkalnys, an Associate Professor of Anthropology at London School of Economics and Political Science, to give their thoughts on proposals by the UK government for new oil and gas licences.
An image of an oil rig in the sea.

Ancient landscape discovered beneath East Antarctic Ice Sheet

We’re part of an international research team that has discovered an ancient landscape that has lain hidden beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet for millions of years.
Graphic showing the Antarctic ice sheet lifted up to reveal the ancient landscape underneath

Explosive volcanic eruption led to record-breaking underwater flows

Research involving our Departments of Earth Sciences and Geography has revealed how an explosive volcanic eruption triggered the fastest underwater flows ever recorded and led to extensive damage of seafloor cables.
Members of Tonga Geological Services watch a volcanic eruption from a boat. Image credit Taniela Kula, Tonga Geological Services

Rosebank shows the UK’s offshore oil regulator no longer serves the public good

Professor Gavin Bridge from our Department of Geography is joined by Gisa Weszkalnys, Associate Professor of Anthropology at London School of Economics and Political Science, to give their thoughts on the announcement of the new Rosebank oil field 80 miles west of Shetland.
An image of an oil rig to be used on a news post.

Professor Louise Amoore named British Academy Fellow

We are thrilled Professor Louise Amoore from our Department of Geography has become a newly elected Fellow of The British Academy.
An image of Professor Louise Amoore

Congratulations to Matthew Fair, Winner of the 2023 Geography Undergraduate Photographic Competition!

Each year, undergraduate geography students submit photographs from dissertation research and fieldtrips to the annual photo competition. This years results are in and Matthew Fair has won!
Prayer flags with a mountain behind them

Five Durham Geography Undergraduates Receive National Recognition for their Dissertation Research

The Department of Geography congratulates the five students whose dissertations received national recognition from specialty groups with the Royal Geographical Society.
students in landscape of mountains

Keir Starmer hasn’t really called time on North Sea oil and gas – here’s why

Professor Gavin Bridge, from our Department of Geography, and Associate Professor Gisa Weszkalnys, from the Department of Anthropology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, explain what's at stake in Labour's plan for North Sea Oil and Gas.
oil rig

Key climate temperature goals could be too high

Scientists – including one of Durham’s leading glaciologists - and several countries highly vulnerable to climate change have warned that key global temperature goals might be too high.
A snow and icy landscape with a clear blue sky

Tess Howard, Durham Geography graduate, has research featured in The Guardian

Tess Howard's dissertation research on the impacts of gendered sports clothing published in the journal Sport, Education, and Society and featured in The Guardian.
Tess Howard Playing in a Durham University Hockey Club shirt