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Available Research Projects

Take a look at the list of current Masters projects or propose your own to a potential supervisor. Our students study for a minimum of one and maximum of two years to obtain this degree. The MRes is open to any student with a Bachelors degree in a science or social science subject of the required standard (2:1 or 1st class degree). The MRes (MSc or MA) is suitable for students with a science, engineering, social science or an arts background.

Mapping and Interpretation of Fluvial Archives

Project Supervisor: David Bridgland
map of a fluvial archive

A Postglacial Sea-Level Database for Alaska

Project Supervisor: Dr Simon Engelhart
Alaska Field Trip

Reconstructing relative sea level change along the coast of East Antarctica

Project Supervisors: Dr David Small and Prof Mike Bentley
A photo of Windmill Island

The co-evolution of landscape form and hydrological connectivity

Project Supervisors: Sim Reaney & Fionna Clubb
Dramatic landscape view of a lake and rolling hills

Communicating Flood Risk

project supervisors: Dr Jessica Lehman & Dr Sim Reaney
Flood risk

FinTech, Global Development and State Building

Project Supervisor: Prof Paul Langley
Fintech icon on an abstract financial background

Evidence for postglacial faulting in lake sediments from South Greenland

Lead supervisor(s): Dr Sarah Woodroffe and Dr Pippa Whitehouse
oastal lake in South Greenland that may contain evidence of an earthquake and tsunami in its sediments.

Terrestrial response to freshwater forcing around Greenland

Lead supervisor(s): Dr Sarah Woodroffe and Dr Paola Moffa-Sanchez
a lake in Greenland

Quantitative reconstruction of Atlantic Water variability around the Greenland Ice Sheet

Lead supervisors: Dr Jerry Lloyd and Dr Paola Moffa-Sanchez
A boat in water with greenland in the distance

Debris flow erosion and sediment transport in the Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands

Lead supervisors: Dr. Fiona Clubb and Dr. Elizabeth Dingle
Debris flows supplying sediment to the River Feshie, Caingorms, Scotland