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Senior Leadership Team

  • Professor Mike Crang, Head of Department
  • Professor Alexander Densmore, Deputy Head of Department
  • Ms Deborah Morgan-Anderson, Departmental Manager
  • Dr Jessica Lehman, EDI Lead
  • Professor Gavin Bridge, Co-Director of Research
  • Professor Robert Hilton, Co-Director of Research
  • Professor Jeff Warburton, Director of Education
  • Dr Rebecca Hodge, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Professor Sarah Atkinson, Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • Professor Colm O'Cofaigh, Director of Service

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Teaching Staff

Professor Louise AmooreProfessor
Professor Ben AndersonProfessor
Dr Penelope AnthiasAssistant Professor
Professor Sarah AtkinsonProfessor
Dr Andrew BaldwinAssociate Professor
Professor Mike BentleyProfessor
Dr Isabella BovoloAssistant Professor
Professor Louise BrackenProfessor
Dr Matthew BrainAssociate Professor
Dr Sage BriceLecturer in Human Geography
Professor Gavin BridgeProfessor
Professor David R. BridglandProfessor
Professor Harriet BulkeleyProfessor
Dr Patrice CarbonneauAssociate Professor
Dr Fiona ClubbAssistant Professor
Dr Rachel CollsAssociate Professor
Dr Nicholas J. CoxAssistant Professor
Professor Mike CrangProfessor / Head of Department
Dr Jonathan DarlingAssociate Professor
Professor Alexander DensmoreProfessor / Deputy Head of Department
Professor Danny DonoghueProfessor
Dr Simon EngelhartAssistant Professor
Professor David J.A. EvansProfessor
Professor Richard J. HardyProfessor
Dr Paul HarrisonAssociate Professor
Professor Robert HiltonProfessor
Dr Rebecca HodgeAssociate Professor
Dr Luke JacksonAssistant Professor
Dr Stewart JamiesonAssociate Professor
Dr Elizabeth JohnsonAssistant Professor
Dr Sarah KnuthAssistant Professor
Dr Karen LaiAssociate Professor
Professor Paul LangleyProfessor
Dr Jessica LehmanAssistant Professor
Dr Noam LeshemAssociate Professor
Dr Jeremy LloydAssociate Professor
Professor Antony LongProfessor
Dr Andrés Luque-AyalaAssociate Professor
Dr Helen MackayLecturer in Physical Geography
Dr Gordon MacLeodAssociate Professor (Reader)
Dr Lauren MartinAssociate Professor
Professor Erin McClymontProfessor
Professor Cheryl McEwanProfessor
Professor Colin McFarlaneProfessor
Dr Siobhán McGrathAssistant Professor
Professor Glenn McGregorProfessor
Dr Paola Moffa-SanchezAssistant Professor
Dr Aya NassarAssistant Professor
Dr Leonie NewhouseAssistant Professor
Dr Marijn NieuwenhuisAssistant Professor
Professor Colm O'CofaighProfessor
Professor Joe PainterProfessor
Professor Marcus PowerProfessor
Dr Sim M. ReaneyAssociate Professor
Professor Dave RobertsProfessor
Professor Nick RosserProfessor
Dr Jeremy SchmidtAssociate Professor
Professor Anna SecorProfessor
Professor Philip SteinbergProfessor
Dr Monica StephensAssistant Professor
Professor Chris StokesProfessor
Professor Peter TallingProfessor
Dr Erin TorkelsonLecturer in Human Geography
Dr Laura Turnbull-LloydAssociate Professor
Professor John WainwrightProfessor
Professor Jeff WarburtonProfessor
Dr Pippa WhitehouseAssociate Professor
Dr Isabel WilliamsTeaching Fellow
Dr Helen F. WilsonAssociate Professor
Dr Sarah WoodroffeAssociate Professor

Technical Staff

Mrs Michele L. AllanCartographic / Photographic Technician
Mr Mervyn BrownLaboratory Technician
Ms Amanda HaytonLaboratory Technician
Mr Michael HeslopTechnical Assistant
Mr David HodgsonResearch Computing Officer
Mr Sion KennawaySenior Experimental Officer
Mr Chris LongleyLaboratory Technician
Miss Kathryn MelvinLaboratory Technician
Mr Chris OrtonCartographic / Photographic Technician
Dr Eleanor RossSenior Manager (Technical Services & Facilities)
Mr Neil TunstallLaboratory Technician
Mr Martin D. WestLaboratory Technician

Research Staff

Dr Tiago Alves-TeixeiraPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Katherine ArrellPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Megan BakerPost Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Matthieu CartignyRoyal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow
Dr Hung-Ying ChenPost Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Julia CostescuEarly Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr Mathieu DellingerPost Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Hannah DickinsonPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Alexandre DunantPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Andrew DwyerAddison Wheeler Research Fellow
Dr Erika FaigenPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Eleanor GeorgiadisPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Victoria HabermehlPostdoctoral Research Associate
Mr Adam HepburnPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Benjamin JacobsenPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Mark KinceyPost Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Felicity Amelia McDowallPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Grace NieldPost Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Mel Oliveira-GuirroEarly Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr William Otchere-darkoPost Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Ed PopeAssistant Professor (Research)
Ms Deborah PrißEarly Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr Mohammad RahmanPost Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Ludovico RellaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Hanna RuszczykPost Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Laura SchoenbergerAssistant Professor (Research)
Dr David SmallAssistant Professor (Research)
Dr Mark StevensonPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Lucy SzablewskaResearch Associate
Mr Shubham TiwariEarly Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr Priyam TripathyPost Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Jesse R. ZondervanPostdoctoral Research Associate

 Administrative Staff

Mrs Freda Denby Nomis Support Officer
Mrs Joyce Blackett Fieldtrip and Undergraduate Support Officer
Mrs Lucy Bush Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator
Miss Catherine Foster Senior Research Administrator
Ms Diane Greaves Learning and Teaching Administrator
Dr Jennifer King ITN Project Manager
Mrs Rachel Middleton Project Administrator, Sajag-Nepal
Ms Deborah Morgan-Anderson Departmental Manager
Ms Lianne Percival Operations Co-Ordinator
Mrs Kathleen Pickford Learning and Teaching Administrator
Mr John P. Thompson Learning and Teaching Manager
Mrs Lorna Winship Administrator - Naturvation
Ms Kathy Wood Postgraduate Research Co-Ordinator
Dr Felicity Wray Academic Progression Officer

 IBRU Centre for Borders Research

Prof Philip Steinberg Director of IBRU Centre for Borders Research
Mrs Elizabeth Buxton External Relations and Marketing Manager


Name Position
Dr Sinclair Sutherland Project Manager, Nomis
Mr Spencer Hedger Software Developer, Nomis
Mr Peter Henderson System Developer, Nomis
Dr Nithya Nair Application Developer


 Honorary Fellows

Dr Nicholas Barber Honorary Fellow
Dr Jim Innes  Honorary Fellow
Dr Mark Ireland Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Susan Lewis Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Katie Oven Honorary Research Fellow
Honorary Professor Martin Pratt Honorary Professor

Research Student

Mr Jonah AgusResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Iqbal AhmedResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mrs Mildred Oiza AjebonResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms Aziza AlyafeiResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Irene ArputharajResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Jennifer ArthurResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Diego Astorga de ItaResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Cristina-Ioana BalabanResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms Ritwika BasuResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Gopi K. BasyalResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Ayushman BhagatResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Dr Hannah BickerdikeResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Clare BlissResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mrs. Cecile BlouinResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr J. Emmanuel Bustamante-FernandezResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr. Carlo CegliaResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Pietra Cepero Rua PerezResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Jing ChuResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Harry ClaytonResearch Postgraduate (MRes)
Miss Costanza ConcettiResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Giselle Eugenia ConnellResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mrs Clair CooperResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Thale Damm-JohnsenResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Ruusa-magano DavidResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Robert DessingtonResearch Postgraduate (MSCR)
Mr Christoph DoppelhoferResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Miklos DurrResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms Leah EdwardsResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Xiangwen FanResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr. Cheng FangResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms Raihana FerdousResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Greta FerloniResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Matilda FitzmauriceResearch Fitzmaurice (PhD)
Miss Grace GarsideResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Katharina GrueneislResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Ailsa GuildResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Burag GurdenResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms. Shababa HaqueResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Erin HarveyResearch Postgraduate (MRes)
Miss Esther HitchenResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Hannah HolmesResearch Postgraduate (MA)
Ms. Eleanor HonanResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Ignacio IbarraResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Michael JavorskiResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Abigail JoinerResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Victoria J. E. JonesResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Hannah JoyceResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Muyeol JungResearch Postgraudate (PhD)
Miss Cynthia KamwengoResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Sophie KenmareResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Niamh KingResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Connie Yim Ming KwongResearch Postgraudate (PhD)
Mr Michael LaihoResarch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Tom LeesResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Joshua LeighResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms Yuanyin LiResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Yucheng LinResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss María Paz Lira-BahamondeResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Melanie MarochovResearch Postgraduate (MSCR)
Ms Olivia MasonResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Timothy MayResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Sarah MercerResearch Postgraudate (MRes)
Mr Mohd MuzzammilResearch Postgraudate (PhD)
Mr Felipe NapoleoniResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mrs Mihaela NewtonResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Erwin NugrahaResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Brendan O'NeillResearch Postgraduate (MSCR)
Ms Mateja OgricResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Ikenna OsumgborogwuResearch Postgraudate (PhD)
Mr Ian PawlbyResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Guy PaxmanResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Rebecca Pearl-MartinezResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Callum PearsonResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Ivo PinkResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Shobhit PipilResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Martin PriceResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr David PybusResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Yu QiaoResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Md. Saidur RahmanResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Amy RobsonResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Tobias RoylandsResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Dr. Maria Luisa Sánchez MontesResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr. Leonard SchliesserResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Laura SeddonResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Avidesh SeenathResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms Juliet SeftonResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Hannah SellgrenResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Aditya SinghResearch Postgraduate
Miss Rebecca SmithResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Victoria SmithResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Marcin StanekResearch Postgraudate (PhD)
Mr Muh TaufiqurrohmanResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr James ToddResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr. Carlos TornelResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Yu-shan TsengResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Miss Mai WalkerResearch Postgraduate (MSCR)
Miss Georgia WareResearch Postgraduate (MSCR)
Mr. Matthew WiecekResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Mr Ryan WyethResearch Postgraduate (PhD)
Ms Liping ZhangResearch Postgraduate (PhD)