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Senior Leadership Team

  • Professor Mike Crang, Head of Department
  • Professor Alexander Densmore, Deputy Head of Department
  • Ms Deborah Morgan-Anderson, Departmental Manager
  • Dr Jessica Lehman, EDI Lead
  • Professor Gavin Bridge, Co-Director of Research
  • Professor Robert Hilton, Co-Director of Research
  • Professor Jeff Warburton, Director of Education
  • Dr Rebecca Hodge, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Professor Sarah Atkinson, Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • Professor Colm O'Cofaigh, Director of Service

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 Teaching Staff

Professor Louise Amoore Professor
Professor Ben Anderson Professor
Dr Penelope Anthias Assistant Professor
Professor Sarah Atkinson Professor
Dr Andrew Baldwin Associate Professor
Professor Mike Bentley Professor
Dr Isabella Bovolo Assistant Professor
Professor Louise Bracken Professor
Dr Matthew Brain Associate Professor
Dr Sage Brice Lecturer in Human Geography
Professor Gavin Bridge Professor
Professor David R. Bridgland Professor
Professor Harriet Bulkeley Professor
Dr Patrice Carbonneau Associate Professor
Dr Fiona Clubb Assistant Professor
Dr Rachel Colls Associate Professor
Dr Nicholas J. Cox Assistant Professor
Professor Mike Crang Professor / Head of Department
Dr Jonathan Darling Associate Professor
Professor Alexander Densmore Professor / Deputy Head of Department
Professor Danny Donoghue Professor
Dr Simon Engelhart Assistant Professor
Professor David J.A. Evans Professor
Professor Richard J. Hardy Professor
Dr Paul Harrison Associate Professor
Professor Robert Hilton Professor
Dr Rebecca Hodge Associate Professor
Dr Luke Jackson Assistant Professor
Dr Stewart Jamieson Associate Professor
Dr Elizabeth Johnson Assistant Professor
Dr Sarah Knuth Assistant Professor
Dr Karen Lai Associate Professor
Professor Paul Langley Professor
Dr Jessica Lehman Assistant Professor
Dr Noam Leshem Associate Professor
Dr Jeremy Lloyd Associate Professor
Professor Antony Long Professor
Dr Andrés Luque-Ayala Associate Professor
Dr Helen Mackay Lecturer in Physical Geography
Dr Gordon MacLeod Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Lauren Martin Associate Professor
Professor Erin McClymont Professor
Professor Cheryl McEwan Professor
Professor Colin McFarlane Professor
Dr Siobhán McGrath Assistant Professor
Professor Glenn McGregor Professor
Dr Paola Moffa-Sanchez Assistant Professor
Dr Aya Nassar Assistant Professor
Dr Leonie Newhouse Assistant Professor
Dr Marijn Nieuwenhuis Assistant Professor
Professor Colm O'Cofaigh Professor
Professor Joe Painter Professor
Professor Marcus Power Professor
Dr Sim M. Reaney Associate Professor
Mr Ludovico Rella Teaching Fellow
Professor Dave Roberts Professor
Professor Nick Rosser Professor
Dr Jeremy Schmidt Associate Professor
Professor Anna Secor Professor
Professor Philip Steinberg Professor
Dr Monica Stephens Assistant Professor
Professor Chris Stokes Professor
Professor Peter Talling Professor
Dr Erin Torkelson Lecturer in Human Geography
Dr Laura Turnbull-Lloyd Associate Professor
Professor John Wainwright Professor
Professor Jeff Warburton Professor
Dr Pippa Whitehouse Associate Professor
Dr Isabel Williams Teaching Fellow
Dr Helen F. Wilson Associate Professor
Dr Sarah Woodroffe Associate Professor

 Administrative Staff

Mrs Freda Denby Nomis Support Officer
Mrs Joyce Blackett Fieldtrip and Undergraduate Support Officer
Mrs Lucy Bush Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator
Miss Catherine Foster Senior Research Administrator
Ms Diane Greaves Learning and Teaching Administrator
Dr Jennifer King ITN Project Manager
Mrs Rachel Middleton Project Administrator, Sajag-Nepal
Ms Deborah Morgan-Anderson Departmental Manager
Ms Lianne Percival Operations Co-Ordinator
Mrs Kathleen Pickford Learning and Teaching Administrator
Mr John P. Thompson Learning and Teaching Manager
Mrs Lorna Winship Administrator - Naturvation
Ms Kathy Wood Postgraduate Research Co-Ordinator
Dr Felicity Wray Academic Progression Officer

 Technical Staff

Mrs Michele L. Allan Cartographic / Photographic Technician
Mr Mervyn Brown Laboratory Technician
Ms Amanda Hayton Laboratory Technician
Mr Michael Heslop Technical Assistant
Mr David Hodgson Research Computing Officer
Mr Sion Kennaway Senior Experimental Officer
Mr Chris Longley Laboratory Technician
Miss Kathryn Melvin Laboratory Technician
Mr Chris Orton Cartographic / Photographic Technician
Dr Eleanor Ross Senior Manager (Technical Services and Facilities)
Mr Neil Tunstall Laboratory Technician
Mr Martin D. West Laboratory Technician

 Research Staff

Dr Katherine Arrell Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Tiago Alves-Teixeira Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Megan Baker Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Matthieu Cartigny Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow
Dr Hung-Ying Chen Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Julia Costescu Early Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr Mathieu Dellinger Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Hannah Dickinson Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Alexandre Dunant Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Andrew Dwyer Addison Wheeler Research Fellow
Dr Erika Faigen Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Eleanor Georgiadis Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Victoria Habermehl Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Benjamin Jacobsen Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Mark Kincey Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Felicity Amelia McDowall Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Grace Nield Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Mel Oliveira-Guirro Early Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr William Otchere-darko Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Ed Pope Assistant Professor (Research)
Miss Deborah Priß Early Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr Mohammad Rahman Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Hanna Ruszczyk Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Laura Schoenberger Assistant Professor (Research)
Dr David Small Assistant Professor (Research)
Dr Mark Stevenson Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Lucy Szablewska Research Associate
Mr Shubham Tiwari Early Stage Researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN)
Dr Priyam Tripathy Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Jesse Zondervan Post Doctoral Research Associate

 IBRU Centre for Borders Research

Prof Philip Steinberg Director of IBRU Centre for Borders Research
Mrs Elizabeth Buxton External Relations and Marketing Manager


Name Position
Dr Sinclair Sutherland Project Manager, Nomis
Mr Spencer Hedger Software Developer, Nomis
Mr Peter Henderson System Developer, Nomis
Dr Nithya Nair Application Developer


 Emeritus Staff

Professor Peter Atkins Emeritus Professor
Professor G.H. Blake (Emeritus) Professor
Professor Michael J. Blakemore Professor
Professor Tim Burt Emeritus Professor
Professor Sarah Elizabeth Curtis Professor
Dr Ian S. Evans Emeritus Reader
Professor Rob Ferguson Professor
Professor Nicky Gregson Emerita Professor
Professor Ray Hudson Professor
Professor Brian Roberts Professor
Professor Ian Shennan Professor
Professor Ian G. Simmons Professor
Professor Alan Townsend Professor

 Honorary Fellows

Dr Nicholas Barber Honorary Fellow
Dr Jim Innes  Honorary Fellow
Dr Mark Ireland Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Susan Lewis Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Katie Oven Honorary Research Fellow
Honorary Professor Martin Pratt Honorary Professor