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 Memories of the Department

Fieldwork date unknown

You will have many memories from your time at Durham. We want to hear about them!

Send us stories of field trips, lectures, seminars, social events, or anything that makes you remember your experience of studing for your geography degree.
Your story can be serious or funny, long or short. It might just be a piece of advice or a quote from a tutor or professor, or it might be that time you forgot your raincoat on a particularly wet field trip.

You can send your stories to us by recording a short video, or by simply writing the story down and emailing it to us.

We would also love to see your old photographs from field trips, social events, or that opportune moment you had your camera at the ready!

Email us at:



Some of the photos and memories of the department sent to us by alumni

Memories of Robin Morgan 1961-65

Fieldtrip to Ballycastle, Ulster, 1963
Field trip to Ballycastle 1963 image courtesy of Robin Morgan

Memories of Philip Thornborow

Field trip to Castelnuovo, March 1974
Field trip to Castelnuovo March 1974 Photo courtesy of Philip Thornborow.
University student
To be in the field and doing proper research with all your friends was just the most amazing experience.

Helena Nathan-King
Geography 2014 (BSc)