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Our programmes provide a thorough grounding in the discipline of Geography and offer a wide range of choices. Our world-class teaching caters to a large variety of interests: from climate change, natural hazards and sea-level change; to urbanisation, geopolitics and culture. All of our students develop foundational skills across Physical and Human Geography in Year 1 before specialising in Years 2 and 3.

Whether your interests lean more to Physical Geography (on our BSc programme) or to Human Geography (on our BA programme) you will receive expert teaching and guidance. You will be taught by internationally renowned scholars in the state-of-the-art of the discipline through a variety of teaching and learning methods including fieldwork.

Interested in both Human and Physical Geography? Great news! On both programmes we offer a range of integrated modules at all levels where you can study both. These modules cover some of the most urgent global challenges facing environment and society. In addition to having a wide range of modules and topics to choose from, for your dissertation, you will pursue your own independent research on a topic of your choice. Every student is allocated a dedicated dissertation advisor with expertise in their area of interest.

Our degree programmes will stimulate and challenge you while providing first-class support for your academic and personal development. You will graduate with a unique understanding and set of skills that will be highly sought-after by a range of employers.