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Durham Geography Photographic Competition


Welcome to the Durham Geography undergraduate photo competition! Each year we receive entries from dissertation research and fieldtrips taken around the world and from across all levels of our undergraduate community.

2023 Competition Results

In 2023, there were 29 entries and over 180 votes cast in the photo competition.

Congratulations to Matthew Fair, who won with his picture of "Peaks and Prayer Flags" featured below!

Two entries tied for second place. Congratulations to Sophie Jones for her picture of "A Green Turtle Coming up to Breathe Above Seagrass Meadows in Abu Dabbab, Egypt" and Rachel Fry for her picture entitled "A beautiful Skye."

All of this years entries can be viewed in the slide show below, with the longer descriptions of each entry viewable here.

Matthew Fair: Photo Competition Winner!

Peaks and Prayer Flags

Short description: The 6,637m summit of Phurbi Chyachu peaking through the prayer flags of Thantali during the 2023 Nepal Mountain Hazards field trip.

Location: Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Rachel Fry: Tied Runner Up!

A Beautiful Skye

Short description: With the wild heather of the Cuillins yet to bloom, it is the flurry of cumulus clouds pierced by some unexpected Easter sunlight that provides the backdrop for these three curious red deer of Skye. 

Location: Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye

Sophie Jones: Tied Runner Up!

Green Turtle Coming up to Breathe Above the Seagrass Meadows of Abu Dabbab, Egypt

Short description: Whilst surveying the seagrass of Abu Dabbab for my dissertation data collection, I encountered a few Green Turtles curious about what I was doing placing transects and quadrats on their feeding ground.

Location: Marsa Abu Dabbab, Egypt

A green turtle

First slide

#1 Yi Zhai: Harmony between Man and Nature

slide 2

#2 Daniel Hitch: Juxta"ski"sition

Slide 3

#3 Michael O'Callaghan: Cold morning to measure step-pools

slide 4

#4 Imogen Chastell: Teaching amidst natural beauty

slide 5

#5 Sophie Jones: Green turtle coming up to breathe above the seagrass meadows in Abu Dhabbab, Egypt

slide 6

#6 Lily Thompson: Clouds in the Skye

slide 7

#7 Jingyun Ma: Mountains, rivers and woods

slide 8

#8 Stan Bradley: The volcanic crown of Skye

slide 9

#9 Jess Harker: Kathmandudes!

slide 10

#10 Maeve Sutterby: Rooftop view of Kathmandu, Nepal

slide 11

#11 Cheuk Wing Kung: Skálafellsjökull glacier outlet and the crevasses in southeast Iceland

slide 12

#12 Sorrel Penman: Skye under a rainbow

slide 13

#13 Dante Di Nardo: Hiding in the clouds

slide 14

#14 Kitty Shepherd-Cross: Dating cards: the new romantic revolution?

slide 15

#15 Aru Wiecek: The Quarry mountain range

slide 16

#16 Hannah Matthews: Dome of the Rock

slide 17

#17 Rosie Haffenden: Trapping light

slide 18

#18 Amy Jiang: Evening lights across Victoria harbour

slide 19

#19 Thomas Spens: Tiny Changes

slide 20

#20 Sammy Lion-Cachet: The river that goes east

slide 21

#21 Harriet Parker: A stream bank failure in the Lake District

slide 22

#22 Ophelia Vesely: Sublimity

slide 23

#23 Amy Baxter: Forget Wally! Where's the levelling staff?!

slide 24

#24 Alice Graham: Gullfoss under the rainbow, skies are blue

slide 25

#25 Matthew Fair: Peaks and prayer flags

slide 26

#26 Henry Gwilliam: Abandoned

slide 27

#27 Molly Hill: Freshwater diatom viewed down a light microscope

slide 28

#28 Elena Pourghadiri: The calm before the storm

slide 29

#29 Rachel Fry: A beautiful Skye