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A Ukraine flag fluttering on a pole

The webinar, organised by the Central European University, considered the subject of Ukrainian national identity, particularly in the period since the fall of the Soviet Union

Dr Markian Prokopovych was a participant in the webinar, and argued that, given the many other political authorities and ethnicities that have overlapped in and influenced modern Ukraine, it would be incorrect to view the country as being exclusively under Russian influence. He also responded to a Facebook post that had been made by Tara Zahra in February 2022, and raised the question as to whether a historian can or should remain impartial in relation to claims of historical nationalism.

The discussion was moderated by Dr Michael L. Miller (Central European University), and the other speakers were Prof. Andrew Wilson (UCL) and Dr Uilleam Blacker (UCL).

The full webinar recording is available below:

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