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New BIGAS LUNA TRIBUTE announced for October 14-15th, 2022 as part of the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival

The Bigas Luna Tribute in collaboration with Durham University, the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival and the festival's sponsors is delighted to announce a new event in Edinburgh this October (14-15) with screenings of the entire ‘Iberian Portraits’ Trilogy, intros and Q&A sessions. 

Starting on Friday, 14 October at 6.00pm with a special screening of Jamón jamón (1992, with English subtitles) at the Institut Français Écosse, and an intro and Q&A session with Prof. Santiago Fouz Hernández (MLAC, Durham).

On Saturday, 15 October, Summerhall will host a double bill starting with Huevos de oro/Golden Balls (1993, with English subtitles) at 4.00pm with an intro by Dr Fiona Noble (University of Stirling) followed by La teta y la luna/The Tit and the Moon (1994, with English subtitles) at 6.30pm with an introduction by Prof Fouz Hernández and a joint Q&A for both films with him and Dr Noble.

Over the past eight years, the Bigas Luna Tribute has collaborated with 15 cinemas and five festivals in 21 cities and eight countries around the world. By the end of this event, we will have hosted over 100 screenings, attracting large audiences and over 30 institutional and commercial sponsorships. This is our fourth event this year alone, after successful tributes at Quad Cinema in New York (March), Cinemateket in Copenhagen (May) and the Cleveland Cinematheque, part of the Cleveland Institute of Art (June). The Edinburgh event will be followed by a special homage with a screening and an exhibition about Jamón jamón at the 67th SEMINCI film festival in Valladolid, Spain later in October. There are further events planned for 2023 in Los Angeles (March) and Lisbon (November). 

The events provide an opportunity to enjoy the important work of one of Spain’s most iconic filmmakers and to learn more about the context in which they were produced, in conversation with some of his collaborators and international academics that have researched the films.

In 2022 we are celebrating 30 years since the release of Jamón Jamón, the film that launched the careers of Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz. Both actors were also Academy Awards nominees in 2022. 

We are grateful to Dr Christian Mieves (Newcastle University) for creating and donating the original illustrations of Jamón jamón used in the official festival poster and trailer. 

For more information and tickets please visit or 

You can also listen to the Bigas Luna podcast (produced, edited and co-hosted by Santiago Fouz) here: Apple | Spotify