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Politics of the Muslim World

Subject Areas:

As a School we have substantial expertise in Muslim politics, Islamist social movements, and Islamic political thought which, combined with existing excellence in Islamic political economy and finance, provides a strong research and teaching profile in a field of broad academic and policy interest - Islam and politics.

In addition, over ten members of staff work on the politics, political economy, and international relations of the Gulf, the Maghreb, Egypt, Palestine, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, and Malaysia, among others.

Particular strands that are highlighted in our research and teaching include:

  • Islamic ideas of state and governance
  • The role of Islamic perspectives and Muslim actors in international and transnational relations
  • The formation and impact of Islamist movements
  • The domestic and regional politics of Muslim countries in several areas - principally:
    • the Middle East,
    • Africa
    • Southeast Asia
  • Islamic finance and the political economy of Muslim countries
  • Muslim minorities and debates over multiculturalism and democratisation.

Contact: Professor Anoush Ehteshami