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Security on the Move

Everyday security of IDPs in rapidly growing Somali cities

This project approaches the nexus of poverty, environmental sustainability, and conflict/fragility with a security approach. It conceptualises security as irreducible to military threats, encompassing also environmental, economic, social, and political factors.

An actor-oriented focus guides the methodological concern with security of the everyday, emphasising the subjective experiences, perceptions and practices of internally displaced people (IDPs) across four cities in Somalia. With this approach, the overall objective is to give priority to the vulnerable people's own understanding of constraints and opportunities in regard to everyday security.

A key task of this research project is to reflect with IDPs about their experiences of security on the move, the trajectory of their flight, the settling in to the city and the security arrangements on which they have relied. This is done through the collection and analysis of two types of data, interviews and photographs (photo-voice).

Security on the move website.

Principal Investigator: Dr Jutta Bakonyi