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Campus Card Policy

Your Campus Card is like your bank card - you need it to access the library and to obtain the services, facilities and access it provides. It is your ID as a member of Durham University.

Campus Cards are a University initiative led by the CIS Service and are used in the interests of the University community as a whole. Access control is not something specific to the Library, but we are one of the main sites where it has been implemented. It ensures the safe and secure study environment students expect and has enabled us to extend opening hours significantly, both late at night and at weekends and 24/7.

The very small part individual University members need to play in helping to ensure a safe environment for everyone is to carry their Campus Card at all times. Staffing Library entrances on several sites throughout extensive opening hours for people who have forgotten to carry their card, and putting in place alternative identify check systems is costly.

If you forget your card at Bill Bryson Library, you will be able to obtain a day pass from the kiosk at the entrance. There is a limit on how many passes you may obtain. If you find and use your card, the kiosk allowance will again be reset. Misuse of Campus cards to access the Library may result in a card being confiscated.

In the event that your campus card has been lost or stolen, you need to take action quickly – being without one restricts your access to key buildings around the campuses. If that happens to you, you should:

  1. Visit our Lost or Stole Campus Card page.
  2. Select the appropriate option, depending on whether your card has been stolen or lost.
  3. If it has been stolen, you’ll need a crime reference number from the police, once you have supplied that, you will be advised what to do next.
  4. If your card has been lost, you will be directed to a secure payment screen where you can pay your £10. You will receive an email when your card is ready for collection.

You will be able to print out a temporary pass to access the Bill Bryson Library in which the IT Service desk is located to collect your new card. This will remain active until 23:59 on the day acquired.