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Food and Drink Policy 

Cold food can be consumed in the Library on Levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 4 remains a food-free zone. Lidded, bottled and canned drinks are allowed throughout the whole Library, including Level 4.

Following feedback gathered from students during the 24/7 opening March 2019, hot food will be allowed in the Bill Bryson Library after 18:00. All hot food is to be eaten in the café area on Level 2 only. Students are asked to keep the space tidy and place all litter in bins.

Our priority is to provide a pleasant environment that is conducive to study. The Small Island Café provides a mixed area both for study and where cold food may be eaten. Please use the bins provided and be considerate of other users.

Palace Green Library has a No Food and Drink policy with no exceptions, due to the unique and exceptional nature of collections in that Library.

Leazes Road Library also operates a No Food policy, while lidded, bottled and canned drinks are allowed. A social area with vending machines is available just outside the library where food can be eaten.

Please note:

  • The Library’s management team are aware that the provision of space for the consumption of food on the Mountjoy site is limited.
  • The Library is unable to resolve this problem on its own but is working with other partners including University Catering and the DSU to find solutions.
  • The Library provides designated areas for the consumption of food and drink.
  • Staff on duty at the Help & Information desk reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone with unlidded drinks or hot food.
  • Security on duty overnight during 24/7 periods may check bags on entry.
  • Your co-operation is appreciated in working together to maintain a clean study environment.

As well as the YUM Library Café, other eating facilities are available on the Lower Mountjoy Site. These include the Palatine Centre Café and Restaurant, The Calman Café and Technocafé in the Calman Learning Centre and the Chemistry Café in the Chemistry building. A space for you to consume your own food and drink is also available in the Chemistry building close to the Security Office. Find out more at