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Public Sector Information (PSI) Regulations


Durham University Library is required to comply with the Public Sector Information (PSI) Regulations 2015. This determines how you can re-use the public information that we hold and how your application will be processed.


The Library is part of the Professional Services Division and is governed in accordance with the regulations set out in the University Calendar and Statutes.

Statement of Public Task

The public task of the Library is identified in its Strategy, where the Library identifies its top priorities as the provision of services and support (including infrastructure) to underpin the University‚Äôs research ambitions and its learning and teaching agenda, to enhance the distinctive learning experience offered at Durham.

The Library undertakes digitisation and facilitates re-use where copyright law, data protection and the availability of funding permits this. The Library does not have a dedicated budget for digitisation, so is reliant on charging fees for the digitisation, supply and licensing of content in order to meet its costs.

Making an application under the PSI Regulations

If you wish to ask about re-use of information under the PSI Regulations or have any query about the above Statement of Public Task, please email: and include PSI in the subject line or write to the following address:

Bill Bryson Library
Durham University
Stockton Road

How we will handle your request

Once received, your request will be considered and a reply sent within 20 working days. If a longer delay is expected, we will contact you to explain the reasons for this.


Any complaints will be dealt with in the first instance by the University Librarian. If they remain unresolved, they will be escalated to an appropriate member of senior University staff.


This policy will be reviewed every 3 years. The date of the next review is September 2019.