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Getting Started

Use our “how to” videos, webinar recordings and tutorial to help you get started with searching for resources 

Using Discover

You can use Discover to find items on your reading list. You can also use it to search our printed and online resources, and even find details of some of our museums and special collections: 

Please note the videos on this page are currently being updated. 

Searching by Author  
Searching by Title 
Finding Journal Titles 
Accessing Journal Articles 
Understanding Search Results
Finding Printed Journals

Finding a Book 
Finding a Journal  
Finding Wider Reading 

Using eBooks 

This webinar recording introduces you to eBooks. It covers: 

  • what eBooks are 
  • how they work 
  • how to access them 
  • the different types of eBooks available and their functionality 
  • how to ask us to buy an eBook 
  • the strengths and limitations of eBooks. 

What next? 

If you are ready to develop your finding information skills more broadly, try the tutorials on our finding information page 

If you want specific help for your subject, you can also use the subject guides or contact your Faculty Librarian

Searching by Author

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