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2024 ECR Symposium

Our 2024 symposium is a free, in-person, one-day event based at Durham University. It will bring together early career stage researchers (ECR), established academics and industrialists to explore the power of interdisciplinary life sciences research and foster new collaborations.

Collingwood College external view with stag statue

2024 Winter Symposium

The symposium is targeted at Early Career Researchers, from undergraduates to academics within the first five years of their first academic appointment. The event will provide an opportunity to share and learn about fascinating discoveries within biomathematics, biophysics, biological chemistry, chemical biology and bioengineering. For more information about our areas of research strength please visit our Research Themes pages. 

Presentations at the symposium will include keynote lectures as well as ECR short talks, flash presentations and posters selected from abstracts. To submit an abstract or to register as an attendee, please complete the online registration form: 

More information will be shared through this website in the coming weeks and months.

Save the Date: Thursday 12th December 2024.

Please register here: 


Past Symposia 

2023 ECR Symposium 

Group photo from the 2023 ECR Symposium


Our January 2023 symposium was the BSI’s first in-person ECR symposium. It attracted around 40 participants from across the UK and Europe, including the Universities of Padua, Amsterdam, Strathclyde, York and Sheffield.  The attendees were a mixture of PhD students (32), postdoctoral researchers (19) and others including undergraduates and PIs. 

The one-day event, held in St Mary's College, provided participants with an opportunity to get together and to share their physical biology research. It featured short talks, key-note talks and posters selected from abstracts by the ECR panel. 

Organising Committee
  • Nathan Gavin
  • Ruth McTiernan
  • Will Trewby


The 2020 Symposium

Some of the attendees at the 2020 ECR Symposium

Our very first research symposium was held at the end of July 2020. The symposium was held virtually and attracted more than 50 participants from 45 different institutions, 13 different countries and 3 continents. To mark the occasion the 2020 ECR Symposium’s keynote talk was the Howard Prize Lecture. This was given by Professor Silvia Marchesan (University of Trieste) “Heterochiral Peptide Assembly: Entry in Wonderland through the Looking-Glass” an Alice in Wonderland themed journey through peptide chemistry. Below is a screenshot of some of the symposium's attendees.