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BSI Career Development Support

We work to support our community through a broad range of career development activities and by funding new research at an early stage.
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How we Support Our Community

We have a range of programmes and activities aimed at supporting our community. We have introduced new programmes and activities for 2023-2024, the Mentorship Matchmaking Programme, Grant Writing Groups and a BSI Writing Room. We continue to support research at the early stage through our Flexible Funding Scheme and to celebrate high quality mentorship through our Interdisciplinary Mentorship Awards.  


Fellowship Writing Support

New for 2024, we are introducing activities to support our community of Early Career Researchers in writing excellent interdisciplinary Fellowship applications.

Our new Fellowship support activities include Fellowship Writing Groups, a Writing Room, Mentorship Matching as well as information sessions aimed at specific topics requested by participants.

BSI Fellowship Writing Support.


Flexible Funding Scheme

Our Flexible Funding Scheme (FFS) is open to all academics and early career researchers from across the University whose research is on topics relating to interdisciplinary biosciences (see our Research Areas pages for more information of our current research groupings). These funds of up to £2K are available on application for new research projects, grant building workshops, symposia and small items of equipment.

Find out more about the Flexible Funding Scheme on our webpage.


Grant Writing Support

New for 2023, our grant writing support activities include Grant Writing Groups, and the introduction of a Writing Room. Our new Writing Room will feature information sessions aimed at specific interdisciplinary research topics and calls as nominated by the BSI community.

Visit our Grant Writing Support webpage.


Mentorship Matchmaking Programme

Our new mentorship programme matches mentors to mentees to support career development in areas specific to interdisciplinary research. This has been developed based on conversations with our community and will be supported by a series of events through the year. There will be two programmes running at the same time, one for group leaders (PIs) and one for early career researchers (PDRA and PhD). 

Visit our Mentorship webpage.


Travel and Training Bursaries

This funding scheme provides bursaries to attend conferences, and take part in training (placements, visits or courses). Two categories of Travel and Training Bursaries are available:

  • Early Career Research Bursaries: For Researchers at Durham from undergraduates through to PDRAs and Fellows. The ECR Executive Board will assess applications according to the criteria listed on the form. The maximum funding awarded for these bursaries is £250.
  • Staff Travel and Training Bursaries: For permanent members of Durham staff at all levels. The BSI Executive Board will assess applications according to the criteria listed on the form. The maximum funding awarded for these bursaries is also £250.

Travel and Training Bursaries.