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Dr Rivka Isaacson - 2021 Judith Howard Lecture Prize Winner

We are very pleased to announce Dr Rivka Isaacson of King’s College London as the 2021 (and 8th) Judith Howard Lecturer.
Durham river and Cathedral view

2021 Biophysical Sciences Institute Thesis Prize

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 year’s Thesis Prize will be awarded to Lucas Rudden (Department of Physics) for his thesis “The Impact of Dynamics in Protein Assembly”.
Durham Castle Courtyard

Launch of New Company NirVisio - An End to the Dentists Drill?

Research recently published by Dr Alistair Bounds & Professor John Girkin (Durham University Department of Physics) could lead the way to the end of the dentists drill.
A patient in the dentists office

Celebrating our Postdocs #NPAW21

For National Postdoc Appreciation Week #NPAW21 we celebrated some of our amazing postdocs. Below we introduce a few these outstanding Postdocs and share a snapshot of their fascinating work as well as a little of what makes them so special to us.
Tweets and Postdocs celebrated during #NPAW21

First Ever Method to Selectively Prepare Chiral Ammonium Cation Centres

A recent paper in Nature from Matthew Kitching (Department of Chemistry and member of the BSI) describes the first ever general method for the selective preparation of chiral ammonium ions.
Binol and the bromide counterions form a chiral supramolecular network – shown as teal van der Waals surface – that only fits one of the ammonium cation enantiomers