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Fees and Funding

Accommodation Charges 

Further information about college accommodation for undergraduate students and additional costs are available on our Undergraduate Residence Charges - Durham University

JCR Levy 

In addition to the accommodation charges above all undergraduate students are automatically charged a College JCR Levy of the following amounts: 

Undergraduate programmes £135.00 

Postgraduate programmes £30.00 

The JCR Levy is a one off payment, which covers your entire ‘life-time’ at John Snow College. Further information about what you are entitled to with this one off payment and additional charges should you not become a member is available on our JCR website. 

Optional Charges (Goods) 

Gown: £50 (JCR Members), £60 (Non-JCR Members). Purchased from JCR. For those opting out of JCR Membership there is also a College tie (for men) £9 or College pin (for women) £1. Purchased from JCR. 

Optional Charges (Membership) 

JCR Sport clubs and Societies: Varies depending on which sport club or society. Ranges £5 to £50. Purchased from JCR. 

Optional Charges (Other) 

All of the below are purchased from the JCR: 

  • Formal dinners: £5 each 
  • Winter and Summer Balls: Ranges £60-80. JCR 
  • Induction week social activity: Approx £40 
  • Other JCR events during the year: charge varies depending on the event, and many events are free to those who have paid their JCR membership.