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Fees and Funding

Accommodation Charges 

Further information about college accommodation for undergraduate students and additional costs are available on our undergraduate residence charges page.

JCR Levy 

In addition to the accommodation charges above all undergraduate students are automatically charged a College JCR Levy of the following amounts: 

Undergraduate programmes £135.00 

Postgraduate programmes £30.00 

The JCR Levy is a one off payment, which covers your entire ‘life-time’ at John Snow College. Further information about what you are entitled to with this one off payment and additional charges should you not become a member is available on our JCR website. 

Optional Charges (Goods) 

Gown: £55. Purchased from JCR. For those opting out of JCR membership, College tie (for men) £9 or College pin (for women) £1. Purchased from JCR. 

Optional Charges (Membership) 

JCR Sport clubs and Societies: Varies depending on which sport club or society. Ranges £5 to £50. Purchased from JCR. 

Optional Charges (Other) 

All of the below are purchased from the JCR: 

  • Formal dinners: £5 each 
  • Winter and Summer Balls: Ranges £40-60. JCR 
  • Induction week social activity: Approx £20 
  • Other JCR events during the year: charge varies depending on the event, and many events are free to those who have paid their JCR membership.