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Research and Impact

Archaeology at Durham has a worldwide reputation for research and impact.

Embracing humanities, social sciences and sciences, our inclusive environment thrives upon collective endeavour and co-production and a commitment to address challenges of local, national and global significance.
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Our research covers five continents, ranging from the palaeolithic to the contemporary world with particular strengths in material and visual culture, archaeological science and landscape archaeology as well as prehistory, India, Egypt and the Near East, medieval and historical archaeology and the Roman and Classical world.

With over 70 research active staff and increasing numbers of projects, publications and postgraduates, the Department has developed pathways for research and engagement with more diverse audiences than ever before. We believe Archaeology has a powerful part to play in shaping the modern world. We co-produce research and impact with a wide-range of organisations and users from schools and educators to theatre companies, museums, Government agencies and NGOs with research and fieldwork focused on past inequalities and health challenges, urbanism, ancient empires and major diasporas. We are setting out new understandings of human resilience in challenging environments and fostering sustainable programmes of archaeological and forensic skills training and education in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, South East Asia and the UK.