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Archaeology is the study of humanity from its evolutionary origins in Africa over 5 million years ago to the present day.

It explores and examines the remains of the past, enabling new local and global histories to be written. Archaeologists study the physical remains of the past, for example artefacts such as pottery, metalwork and flint, bones, burials, buildings and the remains of settlements, and environmental ‘ecofacts’ such as pollen and seeds. We seek to understand these objects, landscapes, and materials in the context of the human societies that created and used them.
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At the meeting point of the social sciences, humanities, and physical sciences  

Archaeology sits at the intersection between the physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The subject is very broad and as such, is perfect for all-rounders, archaeology enthusiasts, and students interested in areas as diverse as human history and pre-history, ancient civilisations, and scientific methods and approaches. Our courses offer the opportunity to focus on different areas of archaeology, depending on your interests and strengths. It is well suited to students who are curious about human society and its past and who want to combine practical, hands-on work with traditional academic study. 

Archaeology helps us to address some of the most fundamental questions about who we are and why we are the way we are.  

During an archaeology degree you will learn about fieldwork, finds, historic buildings, scientific methods, archaeological theories, and computer techniques and how they all help us to understand the past. You will have the chance to study a wide range of topics ranging from human evolution to the industrial revolution, from late-medieval Britain to ancient India. 


Employers in all industries value our graduates

The graduate job market is fiercely competitive, but an Archaeology degree from Durham gives our graduates an edge. Whether you are interested in a career specific to archaeology or want to climb a different ladder, such as media, finance, law, or management, employers in all industries value our graduates. 


Excellent professional links to enhance your studies

Durham is home to one of only three commercial archaeology units based in university departments left in the UK, which means that you will have experts on hand for your fieldwork queries. We also teach our courses in association with the University Museums: the Palace Green Museum and The Oriental Museum.  


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