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Molecular Plant Sciences

Group Coordinator: Prof Keith Lindsey

Durham has a long-standing record of research in the plant sciences, and is currently supported by significant levels of external grant income from UKRI and industry, with world-leading publications.

Areas of particular research strength are: plant responses to environmental (biotic and abiotic) stresses; developmental biology, with a focus on genetic and epigenetic control of gene expression linked to the development of tissues and organ systems; and cell biology with an emphasis on membrane-cytoskeleton interactions and plant cell signalling, including understanding the architecture and regulation of gene-hormone and second messenger signalling systems.  An important feature of our research is its cross-disciplinary nature, fostered through the Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology; with industry; and with a range of UK and overseas academic institutions.

Academic Staff: Dr Tim HawkinsProf Jen Topping

Affiliated Members: Prof. Martin Cann, Prof. Ehmke PohlProf. Nigel Robinson

Academic Members

Meet the group

Dr Ulrike Bechtold

Area of Expertise: Understanding plant stress responses
Ulrike Bechtold

Dr Adrian Brennan

Area of Research: Ecological Genetics

Dr Stephen Chivasa

Area of Research: Plant Molecular Biology & Algal Biology

Dr Jungnam Cho

Area of Research: Plant genome dynamics
Jungnam Cho

Dr Peter Etchells

Area of Research: Plant Developmental Biology

Professor Elaine Fitches

Area of Research: Insect Biotechnology

Dr Jo Hepworth

Area of Research: How plants sense and integrate real-world information
Jo Hepworth

Professor Patrick Hussey

Area of Research: The Plant Cytoskeleton

Professor Heather Knight

Area of Research: Plant response to abiotic stress

Professor Marc Knight

Area of Research: Stress Signalling in Plants

Professor Keith Lindsey

Area of Research: Plant Developmental Biology

Dr Junli Liu

Area of Research: Systems Biology

Dr Miguel de Lucas

Area of Research: Chromatin dynamics & plant development

Professor Ari Sadanandom

Area of Research: Plant Pathology

Recent Publications

Gu, X., Fonseka, K., Agneessens, J., Casson, S.A., Smertenko, A., Guo, G., Topping, J.F., Hussey, P.J. & Lindsey, K. (2021). The Arabidopsis R-SNARE VAMP714 is essential for polarization of PIN proteins and auxin responses. New Phytologist 230(2): 550-566.

Jacobsen, A.G.R., Jervis, G., Xu, J., Topping, J.F. & Lindsey, K. (2021). Root growth responses to mechanical impedance are regulated by a network of ROS, ethylene and auxin signalling in Arabidopsis. New Phytologist 231(1): 225-242.

Verma, Vivek, Srivastava, Anjil K., Gough, Catherine, Campanaro, Alberto, Srivastava, Moumita, Morrell, Rebecca, Joyce, Joshua, Bailey, Mark, Zhang, Cunjin, Krysan, Patrick J. & Sadanandom, Ari (2021). SUMO enables substrate selectivity by mitogen-activated protein kinases to regulate immunity in plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(10): e2021351118.

Gu, Xiaoyan and Brennan, Adrian and Wei, Wenbin and Guo, Guangqin and Lindsey, Keith (2020) Vesicle transport in plants: a revised phylogeny of SNARE proteins., Evolutionary bioinformatics., 16 

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Srivastava, Moumita, Srivastava, Anjil K., Orosa-Puente, Beatriz, Campanaro, Alberto, Zhang, Cunjin & Sadanandom, Ari (2020). SUMO Conjugation to BZR1 Enables Brassinosteroid Signaling to Integrate Environmental Cues to Shape Plant Growth. Current Biology 30(8): 1410-1423.e3.

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Srivastava, Anjil Kumar, Orosa, Beatriz, Singh, Prashant, Cummins, Ian, Walsh, Charlotte, Zhang, Cunjin, Grant, Murray, Roberts, Michael R., Anand, Ganesh Srinivasan, Fitches, Elaine & Sadanandom, Ari (2018). SUMO Suppresses the Activity of the Jasmonic Acid Receptor CORONATINE INSENSITIVE1. The Plant Cell 30(9): 2099-2125.

Martínez, Cristina, Espinosa‐Ruíz, Ana, de Lucas, Miguel, Bernardo‐García, Stella, Franco‐Zorrilla, José M & Prat, Salomé (2018). PIF4‐induced BR synthesis is critical to diurnal and thermomorphogenic growth. The EMBO Journal 37(23): e99552.