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Internal Users Guide For Sanger Sequencing

Internal Users Guide For Sanger Sequencing

We require 5μl of DNA sample and 3μl of custom primer if required (at a concentration of 3.2pmol/μl) for each sequencing reaction requested. We hold many universal primers in stock, should these be required. Please see Primer Information page for more details.

DNA samples should be accurately quantified before submission. Inaccurate quantification will have a direct impact on the quality of data returned, so we cannot stress enough how important this stage is. Highly concentrated samples should be diluted and checked again to ensure accuracy.

Correctly labelled samples should be submitted along with your completed Requisition Form. Requisition forms are available for download on the Genomics Facility page on Sharepoint. Samples and forms can be left outside the Genomics Lab at the drop-off station. The lab is located in room 1007 on the ground floor of the ICBL. All samples and primers are disposed of once the sequencing work has been completed.

Sequence data is normally available the next working day following submission, and will be returned to you by email.

Further information can be found on our website or alternatively please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Phone:- 41256