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Software Links

Sequence data may be viewed and edited on PC or Macintosh computers, using a wide variety of licensed software or freeware.  Below is a selection of programs which may be used with Windows, MacOSX, Linux and Solaris.


Sequence Scanner

A freeware program from Applied Biosystems, enabling you to view, edit, print and export sequence data generated using the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers. The software generates graphically expressive reports on results.  Suitable for Windows XP and Windows 2000 users.

Chromas Lite

A freeware program from Technelysium which can be used to open chromatogram files in various formats, export in plain text or FASTA format, save in SCF or ABI format, copy sequence for pasting into other applications, reverse and complement the sequence and search for sequences by exact match or redundant codes.  Suitable for use with Windows 95/NT4.0 or higher.


A freeware program for MacOSX, allowing users to view and edit sequence files in most common formats.


A freeware program from Geospiza, allowing users to view DNA sequence traces on Linux, MacOSX, Windows and Solaris.  FinchTV features various data views, BLAST searching and the ability to reverse complement sequences and traces.