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Upcoming Events

This page provides information on upcoming Common Awards events open to Common Awards staff and students. 


Common Awards Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Common Awards

14 June 9.30 - 11.00am

Tickets are available here

About this event

The advent of programmes like ChatGPT, capable in an instant of producing plausible and sophisticated text in response to simple prompts, raises many questions for Higher Education in general, and for Common Awards specifically. There are questions about plagiarism, and our ability to detect it and respond well. There are also questions about the positive uses that staff and students might be able to make of this technology during their training and in their ministry.

In this webinar, we will be hearing from three members of the Durham Centre for Academic Development – Matt Wood, Malcolm Murray and Candace Nolan-Grant – who are helping to develop the university's response to these questions. We will cover everything from plagiarism detection, assessment design, and the possibilities that open up if we embrace this technology for some purposes.

For those unable to attend, we hope to make available a video of the presentations after the event.


Theological Educator’s Conference 2023: Theological Education and the Environmental Crisis

3rd  – 5th July 2023
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hertfordshire

Conference theme

The theme of the conference is ‘Theological Education and the Environmental Crisis.’

Speakers will include:

Norman Wirzba, author of This Sacred Life

Ruth Valerio, author of Saying Yes to Life

Martin Hodson, co-author of A Christian Guide to Environmental Issues

and Anupama Ranawana, author of Liberation for the Earth

Bookings are now open, and you can find booking links here.

Having experimented with a hybrid conference last year, we have decided this year to hold the conference onsite only, but then to run a series of webinars over the following academic year covering similar material, and where possible with the same speakers. The conference is for staff; the webinars will be for staff and students.

Please visit our conference page for more information on the conference including the timetable and booking information.