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Good Practice Within TEIs

Call for Good Practice 

This space will be used to share examples of good practice from across all the TEIs in the Common Awards partnership. Examples of good practice will be identified from a range of sources, including Annual Self-Evaluation submissions, Periodic External Review reports, Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) reports, Common Awards Student Survey responses, TEI Forum discussions, and TEI Management Committee minutes. Resources will be shared here for the benefit of all TEIs.  

In addition, we would welcome any examples of good practice that TEIs would like to share with us directly. Please contact the Common Awards Team if you have anything you wish to highlight to us. In particular, we would welcome examples of good practice in the following areas:  

  • approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion  
  • online teaching and learning 
  • online community building and formation 
  • supporting students with learning disabilities 
  • student representation 
  • staff development.