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TEIs are responsible for the design and security of assessments; the marking and moderation of assessed work; and the provision of feedback to students registered on Common Awards programmes. The following pages contain policy and guidance documents on all matters relating to assessment.  

Assessment Design

TEIs can design the forms of assessments for each module they offer with considerable freedom, within the parameters set out below. It is the TEIs responsibility to ensure that the forms of assessment chosen allow students to demonstrate all the relevant module learning outcomes. TEIs should also be aware, as they design assessments, of the University's 'Principles of Assessment'.



It is important that everyone involved in marking understands the approach we take in the Common Awards. The information below set out our policies.

Referencing and Academic Misconduct

Assessment irregularities, including plagiarism and collusion, are serious matters. The information below sets out definitions, and the processes that we expect TEIs to follow when suspected irregularities occur

Durham University does not insist on a single system of referencing, or a single style guide for academic writing. We do ask that each TEI give clear and consistent guidance to its students. One possible approach is set out in the guide below.

Other Assessment Policies