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Published Information

As the awarding body, Durham is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information published about its awards. All published information for and associated with validated Common Awards programmes and the partnership with the University must be approved in advance by the Common Awards Management Board, on behalf of the University. TEIs are therefore contractually obliged to share all publicity materials that reference Durham University, the Common Awards partnership and/or the Common Awards programmes. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • prospectuses and brochures for prospective applicants;
  • materials for other stakeholders, such as funding bodies, employers, accrediting bodies;
  • material on TEI websites or any other sites (e.g. when advertising a vacant post);
  • marketing campaign material (both print and digital advertisements);
  • advertisements to fill job vacancies or to invite applications for the programme;
  • videos;
  • other electronic media;
  • other publicity;
  • any documentation bearing the name of the University of Durham or referring to the University of Durham in the context of validation.

All materials listed above must be sent for approval prior to publication. Approval can be sought at any point in the year; however, TEIs are encouraged to provide materials in good time for any amendments to be made, and approval to be granted, prior to expected publication dates.

The logos of the University or the Council may not be used without permission of the University. 

Publicity materials for and associated with validated programmes must be comparable in quality with materials issued for similar purposes by the University.  Specimens of University materials are available from the Curriculum, Learning & Assessment Service on request.

Publicising new or revised programmes

Details of new or revised programmes should not be advertised to existing or prospective students until final approval has been received from the University although students may be informed that a new or revised programme is under discussion.  The University must be consulted about the nature of this publicity.


TEIs are advised that the following guidelines are reviewed when considering publicity materials. We would encourage you to review these guidelines before seeking approval for publicity materials to avoid any delay in approval.

Guidelines for the Management Board to consider when approving all publicity material:

  1. inappropriate or misleading comparisons with other programmes or providers are avoided;
  2. derogatory statements about other Organisations or organisations are not used;
  3. there are no misleading statements about the recognition of the awards by public or other authorised bodies;
  4. there are no misleading statements about entry requirements, credit for prior learning or the length of time that may be required to secure an award;
  5. where there is a possibility that questions might arise about the recognition of an award or a programme by a professional or statutory body, or within another country, prospective students are alerted to this possibility;
  6. the reputation for standards and quality of UK higher education is protected.