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23 May 2024 - 24 May 2024

9:00AM - 6:00PM

CB-1017 (Confluence building) & W309 (Geography building) see programme for details

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This event aims to bring together young researchers affiliated with French or British institutions who carry out social science research on migration in Latin America.

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Latin America

This seminar will try to respond these questions:

  • How critical migration studies have emerged in the region developing new and other forms of studying migration away from European and US perspectives?
  • How complex migration trends challenge borders in the region?
  • How do the international migrations in the region reframe the definitions of citizenship and otherness on different scales (regional, national, local)?
  • How the humanitarian agencies play a role in defining “inclusion” policies in the region?
  • What are the dynamics and networks of actors, institutions and ideas(/norms) in Latin American regional governance on migration?
  • What do we produce in Europe or in Latin America in the field of migration studies?
  • How can we theorize from places where migration studies emerged?

Full details are as follows:

New perspectives on migrations in Latin America

23 and 24 May 2024

Venue: Department of Geography, Durham University
Lower Mountjoy, South Road 
Durham DH1 3LE, UK

Thursday 23 May 2024

9h30-11h30: Panel I: Bordering processes in Latin America

● Mauricio Palma-Gutiérrez (University of Warwick and Universidad del Rosario), The Shifting Political Geography of the Darién Gap amid Recent Cross-Border Migration.

● Marilou Sarrut (Université Paris Cité, IRD, IC Migration), Breaking the Myth of the “Jungle that Kills”: The Darién Jungle as a borderscape (Colombia-Panama Border).

● Fernando Garlin Politis (Université Paris Cité, CEPED, IRD, INSERM), The Dilemmas of a Humanitarian Border in Colombia and Venezuela.

Discussant: Kathryn Cassidy (Northumbria University)

Room: CB-1017

Lunch Break

13h-15h: Panel II: Multiple actors in migration regime in Latin America: national policies, international actors and civil society

● Alessandra Enrico (University of Oxford), Challenging Policy Narratives: Venezuelan Migrants' Experiences with Legal Status.

● Lucie Laplace (Université Lyon 2, Triangle, CI Migration), Evolution of asylum field in Ecuador.

● Esther Neira Castro (Queen's University Belfast), Humanitarianism, Labour and Gender in the Colombia/Venezuela border.

● Dánae Rivadeneyra Yriarte (Université de Paris, URMIS, CI Migration), Between human rights and citizenship rights. The Peruvian government's

migration strategies for managing Venezuelan migration between 2019 and 2021.

Discussant: Leonie Newhouse (Durham University)

Room: CB-1017

15h-15h30: Coffee Break

15h30-17:30h: Symposium: Crossed perspectives on the issues of migration studies from Latin America and Europe

● Marcia Vera Espinoza (Queen Margaret University)

● Natalia Cintra (University of Southampton)

● Lauren Faret (Université Paris Cité, CESSMA, CI Migration)

Discussant: Olga Demetriou (Durham University)

Room: W309 (open to public)

18:30-20h: Dinner (for participants only)

Friday 24 May 2024

9h-11h: Panels III: The agency of migrant population in Latin America

● Michelle Salord (Université Aix Marseille), Human Mobility in Mexico and Mesoamerica: Relational and Affective Economies in Uncertain Contexts.

● Abril Rios Rivera (Oxford University), Expanding despite oppression: Migrants’ navigation of externalised migration policies in Mexico.

● Felipe Barrientos (Université de Paris, CESSMA, CI Migration), Haitian Migration to Chile and the Spatial Practices of Haitian Child and Youth Migrants in Santiago, Chile.

Discussant: Natalia Cintra (University of Southampton)

Room: CB-1017

11:00-11:30: Coffee break

11h30-13h: Round-table: Theorize the field of migration studies in Latin America and beyond (open to public)

● Gisela Zapata (Queen Mary University of London, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)

● Laurent Faret (Université Paris Cité, CESSMA, CI Migration)

● Marcia Vera Espinosa (Queen Margaret University)

● Elisabeth Kirtsoglou (Durham University)

Discussant: Fabrice Andréani (Université Lyon 2, Triangle)

Room: CB-1017


13h-14h30 Internal Workshop for special issue publication during lunch (for workshop participants only)

Lauren Martin (Durham University)

Room: CB-1017



Foto-Historias: Migrantes y Refugiades en México.

Powerful photo-stories created by refugees and gender-diverse migrants and refugees in Tapachula, Mexico City and Tijuana, Mexico.

Curated by Abril Rios Rivera (University of Oxford)