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Field Equipment and Workshop

We have an extensive collection of field equipment used in both physical and human geography research and teaching. This equipment is available for loan to undergraduate and postgraduate geography students, and members of geography staff. To find out more information about our equipment or to enquire about arranging a loan, please contact Equipment loans can be collected from the workshop. 

Our equipment includes:

• Audio and Visual Equipment (e.g. digital cameras, video cameras, dictaphones)

• Surveying Equipment (e.g. levelling equipment, UAVs, terrestrial laser scanners)

• Location and Navigational Equipment (e.g. GPS, dGPS)

• Meteorological Equipment (e.g. anemometers, temperature loggers)

• Water Equipment (e.g. ECM flow meters, single and multi-parameter probes)

• Sediment Coring Equipment (e.g. Russian corers, UWITEC corer, Gouge augers)

• Geotechnical Equipment (e.g. Schmidt hammers, shear vanes)

• Geochemical Equipment (e.g. Soil testing kit, portable x-ray fluorescence analyser)

• Geophysical Equipment (e.g. Ground Penetrating Radar)

• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Equipment (e.g. satellite phones, high-visibility jackets)

For a more comprehensive list of field equipment please visit our field equipment page.

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