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Alumni Career Talks

Alumni career talks allow graduates of the Department to come back and speak to current undergraduate and postgraduate students. The talks show students what they can do with a Geography degree, and how our alumni have used their experiences at Durham to shape and direct their careers. The talks also give students the opportunity to ask questions about employability and career options, and to discover an employer's perspective on their studies and their career plans. 

As a former student of the Department and member of our alumni, we would be delighted if you would be interested in contributing to our career talks and sharing your experiences. For example, how did your Geography degree equip you for your current role (or not!)? How did you get your current job? What are your current tasks, roles, and responsibilities, and how did your studies help to prepare you for these roles and the opportunities within your current organisation? 

If you would like to be part of one of our future employment talks, then please get in touch by email or complete our online form.


Alumni Career Talks

Complete our online form, or email to register your interest in taking part in our careers talks.
Students watching Alumni Talk