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Thomas Chadwick 1984-1987

The Geography of Climate Change left an indelible footprint in my inner psyche. While very possibly not the best student at Durham I have remained committed to being part of the shift away from our dependence on Fossil Fuels.
In 1995 I founded Geothermal International, which became the UK’s leader in groundsource heat pump deployment. We expanded into the US in 2011 and expanded our technology range and are now one of the leading developers of on site energy solutions- fuel cells, geo-exchange, PV and Storage and integrated optimization of these systems to cut GHG emissions and improve grid resilience.
I live in Chicago with my wife Sarah Chadwick a Durham General Artist. Our company changed its name this morning to Endurant Energy! We are making a small but nonetheless critical difference in the energy transition and it all started in Durham for me.

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