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A unique option for our students is a placement year in which you gain professional experience in an area that aligns to your career aspirations. During a placement year, you usually spend at least 40 weeks working at anywhere from one to three different placements, either in the UK or internationally. The area that you work can be directly or indirectly related to Geography - as you will learn at Durham, geographers work across almost every sector, from energy and economics to health and development.

A placement year can help you to enhance your CV, trial a career, improve your network, discover a new city or country, and earn money. If you’d like to pursue a placement year we connect you with the Careers and Enterprise Centre at Durham, which provides support to help you to secure a placement. During your placement, you retain your student status for the year and continue to receive academic guidance. When you return to Durham your placement year is usually assessed through two reflective assignments and a poster conference where you can share with students and staff the insights you’ve gained from your experience.