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Undergraduate Highlights

Our students thrive in a supportive and open learning environment. We are keen to both celebrate their successes and to find ways to pay it forward. We hold an annual photographic competition open to all undergraduate students (paused during the pandemic) and recognise throughout the year those who have made special contributions to the university community and beyond. We also support students seeking scholarships and nominate students for recognition within and beyond the university.

Dissertation Prize Winners

Each year the top undergraduate dissertations from across the department are nominated for a variety of prizes in human and physical geography. These prizes are adjudicated by working groups of the Royal Geographical Society and other learned societies. We are delighted to announce that those below have received recognition as truly exemplary undergraduate scholarship!

2020 Dissertations

 Nominated PrizeStudentDissertation  TitleResult
Space, Sexualities and Queer Research Group Katy Simms No one wants to meet the love of their life on Tinder: Investigating the effects of mobile dating apps on love and intimacy and identity negotiations for bisexual individuals Winner!
Race, Culture, and Equality Working Group Emma Brown Making Sense of the Stolen Generation: An exploration into the logic underpinning the removal of Aboriginal children Joint runner-up
Rural Geography Research Group Dylan Inglis Do Basque Speakers Value Nature Differently? A Q value analysis of value systems relating to the forests of the Eastern Basque Country Winner!
Quaternary Research Association Undergraduate Dissertation Award Ellie Day A Sedimentological Reconstruction of the Glacial History of Happisburgh, Norfolk, through Marine Isotope Stage 12 Winner!
British Hydrological Society James Lockwood Assessing the transfer of heavy metal contaminants from Yewthwaite lead mines into the Newlands Catchment Area Winner!
Participatory Geographies Research Group Harriet Jennings What to wear? Exploring the sartorial practices of young Bengali women in an age of transnational fashion Second place

2019 Dissertations

Nominated PrizeStudentDissertation TitleResult
Geographies of Health and Wellbeing Research Group Hannah Springford The Potential of Periods: the role of education and social enterprise in African menstrual poverty alleviation Runner-up
Social and Cultural Geography Research Group William Silver Gordon Matta-Clark’s slices through space: artwork towards a critical understanding of the spatial Runner-up
Race, Culture, and Equality Working Group Riyana Dyson 'One foot in each camp': Negotiating a mixed-race identity as a university student Third Place
Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group Isabel Locke The audibility of refugee children: how English language acquisition impacts refugee students Second Place
Quaternary Research Association Undergraduate Dissertation Award Madeleine Woods An investigation into drumlin sedimentology and its implications for drumlin genesis and the glacial depositional history of Anglesey, northwest Wales Winner!
Alfred Steers Dissertation Prize Hannah Sellgren Regimes of Care and Control: Enacting and Contesting Borders in the National Health Service Honorable Mention

2018 Dissertations

Nominated PrizeStudentDissertation TitleResult
Developing Areas Research Group Charles White Watershed Development and Transboundary Hydropolitics: A Case Study of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Runner-up
Participatory Geographies Research Group Pearl Palfreyman There are a lot of undertones to being in a wheelchair”: Analysing How Disability Drag Perpetuates Tropes of Disability Onscreen Winner!
Race, Culture, and Equality Working Group Nathan White Black skin, white classrooms: an investigation into British secondary schooling’s effects on black students of Caribbean heritage’s racial identity construction Joint runner-up
Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group Charlotte Johnson Child-friendly Coffee Shops: a `Space of Wellbeing’ for Mothers with Young Children Co-winner!