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Our Facilities and Equipment

Our teaching and research facilities include the Human Performance Laboratory and the Truscott Imaging Suite, which were built as part of the University's £30m investment in the new Sports and Wellbeing Park at Maiden Castle. These facilities support our undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes and provide opportunities for collaborative research within and external to the University 

Maiden Castle


Human Performance Laboratory 

  • The Human Performance Laboratory is focused on the analysis of physiological and metabolic responses to exercise, nutrition and other interventions. Our facilities include: 
  • Catapult Vector GPS tracking units 
  • Breath-by-breath expiratory gas analysis (Cortex) 
  • Lactate analysis  
  • Electrocardiogram 
  • Heart rate tracking systems (FirstTeam) 
  • Total body water and body composition analysis (mf-BIA, Accuniq, skinfolds) 
  • Urine osmolality analyser 
  • Treadmills (Cosmos), wattbike pro's and rowing ergometers 
  • Head impact telemetry  
  • OptoJump measurement system 
  • Timing gates 
  • Skin and core temperature analysis 

Phlebotomy Room 

  • Clinical room for blood sampling  
  • Blood lipid and glucose analysers 
  • -80 freezer